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PRE-ORDER – Rescue in the deep – Surgeonfish edition

Rescue in the deep – Surgeonfish: Dive into an ocean of knowledge

This is a pre-ordering for Rescue in the deep in his first commercialisation version. Between Q4-2024 and Q1-2025 our first batch of 20 simulators will be manufactured.

Let us know that you await for it and book your model to be sure to enjoy it as soon as possible. To secure your position a booking fee is asked (100€/ simulator). 

Your deposit is only a place reservation and does not pay for the full simulator service.
Once the simulator has been produced, you will be notified so that you can set up a subscription based on your requirements. You booking fee will be deducted of the final cost.
The following subscriptions will be available:

Professional (legal entity)

  • 500 €/month – minimum 12-month commitment

This subscription includes 1 licence (it is possible to create 1 account on the simulator). Each additional account is billed at €50/month for the remaining period.

Pre-order bonus: you will receive 4 additional licences, i.e. 5 licences in your subscription instead of 1.


  • 200 €/month – minimum 2-month subscription – 1 licence

Pre-order bonus: 1 month free.


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Discover Rescue in the deep – Surgeonfish, the first portable simulator to learn flexible endoscopy!

An immersive, personalised learning program to help you master the essential skills of flexible endoscopy.

Rescue in the deep is the first application of our concept of remote medical practice around the world.

With Rescue in the deep – Surgeonfish, you’ll :

  • Master navigation with a flexible endoscope (basics, torquing, retroflexion) at an advanced level
  • Identify and treat the different types of polyp
  • Learn at your own pace and in your own style
  • Enjoy a fun and motivating environment

Rescue in the deep – Surgeonfish is the ideal product for you if you want to:

  • Master the flexible endoscope
  • Feel more confortable before clinical
  • Develop new skills and knowledge

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to transform your skills and achieve your goals!


– 1 replica flexible endoscope with tracking module and tools in carrying case

– 1 computer with Rescue in the deep – Surgeonfish edition software 

– More than 20h of training through more than 10 aquatics universes for working on :

              • Navigation
              • Polyp detection and resection
              • Accuracy
              • Retroflexion
              • Reaching the duodenum in the stomach
              • Progressive level of difficulty
              • Snare, grasper and needle
              • Realistic texture levels
              • Details feedback

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at https://eve-evolving-education.com/contact/ or visit our FAQ page.

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